Getting your app featured by Apple.

A few days ago I received an exciting email from the Apple review team:

Email from review team

I downloaded the template and created a graphic that would be displayed on the header of the app store.


After the graphic was submitted and approved I waited a few days and began to see a pretty significant increase in downloads.


Apple only features apps in certain countries so I was disappointed that the featured territory wasn’t the United States, but when I traveled to Madrid I was able to see the banner on an iPhone in the Apple Store.

This leads to the big question:

How can I get my app featured?

There are over 2.8 million apps on the store but only a handful get featured. To get this free promotion, you need to stand out and comply entirely with Apple’s guidelines.

The two most important factors are function and design.

You should have a clean and concise design that will stand out when users view your page. Getting featured comes down to the impression you give the App reviewer. Make sure your app represents Apple’s design values and mission.

Next, the app must have an obvious use that can be summed up in a sentence. The app must work properly and be unique. Apple wants to promote Apps that it thinks will succeed because it makes them money; not because they want to reward talented developers.

Make sure the app appeals to a wide audience.

Apple is giving you hundreds of dollars worth of advertising for free because it they want to make money off of apps with large potential. If your app applies to a niche community, it is highly limited in the amount of downloads it will receive and Apple will not be interested in featuring your app.

Take advantage of new technology. Apple wants users to adopt new iOS features. Watch WWDC and take advantage of new features while they are in beta.

If you follow these guidelines, you will increase your chances of getting your app featured. My app didn’t get featured until a little under a year after its launch. Just be patient and keep working. Good luck!


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